ABI ADVERTISING & CREATIVE is formed in 2012. The main business of this company is a paper publicity & outdoor publicity. Our company is engaged in releasing advertisement in various newspapers across India. We do classified advertising, display advertises, entertainment advertises etc. in various newspapers across India. We do ads in Marathi, English, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian Languages etc. In entertainment category, we give budget to the clients. Thereafter, we take approval release schedule and designs from clients. Then we take theater list from Distributors and prepare advertises in PHOTOSHOP. Release Order (RO) is then sent to the concerned publications as per the budget and movie release date. Once the RO is booked by the concerned Publications, Advertises are then sent through e-mail to publications. At the end of the day our office bearers ensure that all ROs are booked and all advertisers are received correctly by publications. This is called as confirmation procedure. As far as classified/display advertises are concerned, there are many varieties. Classified advertising are single column (cm or 4 cm width) advertises. It covers different types of advertises like-recruitment, marriage, notice, travel, business, sale/buy etc. The procedure for releasing these advertisers is same as that of followed for entertainment advertises. The only difference in these advertises materials (draft) gives the client. We fill the form and send it to the publisher along with RO. Advertises which are given in double column or in multiple are called as display advertisers. In this case the cost of the advertisement varies according to the choice of the customer (particular page, position, color, b/w etc.) It further varies according to the types of advertises i.e. recruitment advertises, Property advertises, travel advertises, Jewellery advertise, etc. the remaining procedure for sending and booking advertise in any Publication remain the same as that of entertainment/classified advertising.

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